Department Honors

Requirements for Honors

Credits for Honors research

Class of 2017

  • Sam Goree – Towards a Relative-Pitch Neural Network System for Chorale Composition and Harmonization
  • Sage Jenson – Digital Morphologies: Environmentally-Influenced Generative Forms

Class of 2016

  • Gabriel Appleby – Modeling Utility Networks with Competing Providers
  • Max Grusky – Tricks to Make You Click: Detection and Analysis of Curiosity-Grabbing Headlines
  • Nathan Klein-On The Approximability of DAG Edge Deletion
  • Sam Rossin – Steiner Tree Games: Modeling Utility Networks with Competing Providers
  • Conrad Schloer-Agent-Based Ecosystem Models and Evolutionary Algorithms
  • James Quintana-A Fourth Dimension to Virtual Reality: Eye coordination with Frequency Responsive Beam Tracing

Class of 2015

  • Christine Antonsen-Selfish Routing in the Deterministic Queuing Model
  • Nolan Lalor – Dynamic Texture Synthesis
  • Eli Rose – Reversible Programming for Fun and nuF
  • Adam Stafford – An Exploration of Cellular Security
  • Amanda Strominger – Competitive Facility Location: Where should I open my banana stand?
  • Laura Watiker – Designing the CRISP Document Format: A Secure Declarative Language for the Web.

Class of 2013

  • Alexandre Amlie-Wolf
  • Cecilia Mauceri
  • Whitman Schorn
  • Eston Schweickart

Class of 2012

  • Aaron Kanter – Location Security in Android Smartphones
  • Claire Nelson – Automatic Generation of Shakespearean Sonnet

Class of 2011

  • Brendan Chambers – Towards Automatically Captcha solving Using Biologically Inspired Algorithms
  • Kriti Godey – Recommending Healthy and Palatable Meal Plans
  • Jason Kimmel – Models of Viral Marketing in Social Networks
  • Thomas Ramfjord – Introduction to Audio Watermarking

Class of 2010

  • Alexander Boland – Interactive Storytelling
  • Michael Brooks -Real-time Music Visualization
  • Nathaniel Gephart – Developing Computer Security Labs in a Virtualized Environment
  • Kateryna Kuksenok – Chronic Illness Online: Conflict and Uncertainty in Health Information
  • Zeke Runyon – Automatic Music Similarity Clustering
  • Seth Wimberly – Spectoral Face Recognition Using Orthogonal Subspace Bases

Class of 2008

  • Abigail Corfman – Capella’s Song: An educational game and tool set ()
  • Scott Erickson – Music Mood Categorization ()
  • Nicholas Hatt – Segmenting Chinese Text for Fun and Profit ()
  • Lidiya Ilcheva – Rendering Fur ()
  • Akshat Singhal – Lenses for the Eye of an Artificial Beholder ()
  • Nick Winter – A Better Method for Learning Chinese Characters ()

Class of 2007

  • Andrew Bartholomew – Japanese text segmentation: a comparison of different methods applied to Kanji (PDF)
  • Zahari Shoylev – Instant Radiosity Implementation (PDF)

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