CSCI 150

Introduction to Computer Science
Fall 2007

Computer Science Department
Oberlin College


  • Congratulations to Jesse Bradford and Sean Hanson, the winner and runner-up of our first semi-annual Critter tournament! Full results can be found here.
  • Critter tournament is on Friday! The draw (which Alexa generated using a Fisher-Yates shuffle of the class list) is here. Start the trash-talking now.
  • Java syntax sheet.
  • Please fill out Alexa's midterm evals by Wedns, Oct. 31.
  • We have lab helpers for the weekends.
  • There is a make-up lecture on both Wedns Sept 26th, 14:30-15:20 in King 106, and Thurs Sept 27th, 13:00-13:50 in King 101. Same lecture, so going to one should suffice!
  • On Monday, Sept 24th, the lab is in King 243 for a make-up lecture. On Tuesday, Sept 25th, the lab is in King 327.
  • No class the week of Sept. 17-21! Labs are still on, and attendance is mandatory!
  • Welcome to CS 150! 
  • Your instructors are Alexa Sharp and Benjamin Kuperman.
  • Class starts Wednesday, September  6 in King 221 at 11am.  There is no lab on Tuesday, so, uh, take it easy and rest up for Wednesday.
  • The midterms are scheduled for Wednesday, October 10th and Wednesday, November 21. If you foresee a problem with these dates, come see us pronto. You may take the second midterm as early as November 19th if necessary.
  • The final is Dec 17th, 9-11am.

Course Materials