Introduction to Computer Science, Fall 2008
Computer Science Department at Oberlin College

CS 150

  • The Critter Tournament has arrived! See the bracket here!
  • We're having a review session for test #2 on Sunday, November 23rd from 8-9pm in King 221 (the usual place. Bring your Q's!
  • If you're interested in replacing the final lab with a project of your own choice, please see these guidelines.
  • The free digital logic software used in class is called logisim, should you want to play around with it.
  • Welcome to CS 150! Your instructor is Alexa Sharp.
  • The in-class midterms are scheduled for Friday, Oct 10, and Wednesday, Nov 26. If you foresee a problem with these dates, please see me pronto.
  • The final is Tuesday, Dec 16, 9-11am.

Course Materials
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