CSCI 150 Turingscraft

We will be using a website that provides interactive practice exercises that have been organized specifically for our textbook. You will use a web browser to register for our section of the course. Registration is free for a trial, and then costs $15 and is accomplished through the turingscraft link given below. You will fill out a sequence of easy forms, one of which asks for the section-access-code. The access code for registering for our class section is: TC-1021-0.

Once registered, you will be able to see the entire CodeLab and can do up to 10 exercises for free. To go beyond 10, you will need to upgrade to full access. There are several payment options: paypal, credit-card, check-promise.

To get full access, just log in to CodeLab, click LOBBY, then click the "Get Full Acess" button. The rest should be obvious!

There will be exercises due most Sundays; the deadlines will be posted on the turingscraft website, and you can keep track of your exercises there.