CS 280 Assignment & Test Schedule

Deadlines:  There are two deadlines for each assignment. The first deadline represents the date by which you are to submit at least one question of your choosing from the current assignment. The second deadline reprsesents the date by which you are to submit the remainder of the assignment. The first deadline will (almost) always be a Monday, and this deadline is strict, that is, late solutions will not be accepted. For the second deadline, you have up to 1pm the following day (typically a Thursday) by which to hand in your work; after that there is no telling whether the late assignment will even be accepted, so please don't try it.

Tests:  The tests are 90 min. take-homes. You will be given a 4 day window in which to take them. Late tests will not be accepted.

Hand in:  You may hand your assignment in electronically only if it was prepared using LaTeX. Documents prepared in MSWord will not be accepted. Besides, your stuff looks golden when you typeset with LaTeX. You are required to LaTeX your first three assignments (hw1, hw2, and hw3), but then after that you may hand-write your assignments if you choose.

Regrades:  If you feel you have been marked unjustly, you may request a regrade within a week of receiving the item in question. You should give me the item to be regraded, as well as a sufficient explanation as to why you think you were wronged.

I won't be posting the homeworks or the solutions online, because I don't want electronic copies floating about (long story). I'll try to keep copies available in class, and you can always stop by my office to snag whatever is missing.


Work Subject Issued Due (1st) Due (Rest)
hwk 1 Stable Matchings & Graphs Feb 4 Feb 11 Feb 13
hwk 2 Greedy Algorithms Feb 13 Feb 18 Feb 20
hwk 3 Divide & Conquer, Simple DP Feb 20 Feb 25 Feb 27
hwk 4 Dynamic Programming Feb 27 Mar 3 Mar 5
test #1 (take-home) Stable matchings, greedy, d&c, and dp algorithms Mar 6 Mar 10
hwk 5 Network Flows Mar 10 Mar 17 Mar 19
hwk 6 More Network Flows Mar 17 Mar 21 Apr 2
hwk 7 NP-Completeness Apr 2 Apr 7 Apr 9
test #2 (take-home) Network flows, NP-completeness Apr 10 Apr 14
hwk 8 Special Cases of NP-hard problems Apr 14 Apr 21 Apr 23
hwk 9 Approximation Algorithms Apr 23 Apr 28 Apr 30
hwk 10 Randomized & Online Algorithms Apr 30 May 5 May 9
final May 15th, 9-11am.