CS 383 Assignments

Deadlines:  As much as possible, please try to submit your assignments on time. If that doesn't seem like it's going to happen, please try to tell me in advance. I'm pretty reasonable. However, I *would* like to grade all the assignments in one go, so you mustmustmust hand in your assignment before I start grading. This could be way optimistic, but I'd like to at least try to get your assignments back to you by the following class, and it takes about 24 hours to grade, so say you have a 24 hour window of opportunity to be late. Not a lot of time, but a little.

Hand in:  You may hand your assignment in electronically only if it was prepared using LaTeX. I refuse to read math notation in word documents. Besides, your stuff looks golden when you typeset with LaTeX. You are required to LaTeX your first three assignments (hw0, hw1, and hw2), but then after that you may hand-write your assignments if you choose.

Regrades:  If you feel you have been marked unjustly, you may request a regrade within a week of receiving the item in question. You should give me the item to be regraded, as well as a sufficient explanation as to why you think you were wronged.

I won't be posting the homeworks or the solutions online, because I don't want electronic copies floating about (long story). I'll try to keep copies available in class, and you can always stop by my office to snag whatever is missing.


Assignments Subject Issued Due
hwk 0 Math & Proof Basics Sept 5 Sept 12
hwk 1 Finite Automata & Regular Sets Sept 7 Sept 14
hwk 2 Nondeterministic Finite Automata Sept 12 Sept 19
hwk 3 Pattern Matching Sept 17 Sept 24
hwk 4 The Pumping Lemma Sept 24 Oct 1
hwk 5 Context-Free Grammars Oct 3 Oct 10
hwk 6 The Pumping Lemma, Part Deux Oct 10 Oct 17
hwk 7 Turing Machines & Equivalent Models Oct 29 Nov 5
hwk 8 Decidable & Undecidable Problems Nov 5 Nov 12
hwk 9 More on TM's, Reductions, etc. Nov 12 Nov 19
hwk 10 Complexity Classes Nov 26 Dec 3
hwk 11 More on Complexity Classes Dec 3 Dec 12