CS 383

Theory of Computation
Fall 2007

Computer Science Department
Oberlin College


  • The final is on Thursday, Dec 20th, 2-4pm.
  • The review session is Wednesday, Dec 19th, 4-6pm
  • Dinner at Alexa's on Saturday, Dec 15th, 6:30pm
  • Make-up lecture on Thursday, Nov 8th, 10am. King 227.
  • Midterm #2 on Monday, October 29th.
  • Nature article on Starlings is here.
  • Make-up lecture on Thursday, Oct 18th, 10am. King 227.
  • No class the week of Sept 17-21st.
  • Make-up lecture on Thursday, Sept 27th, 10am. King 227.
  • While away, I'll check email as much as is possible. If email won't cut it, Prof. Geitz has very kindly agreed to answer questions you may have.
  • Hello. This is your instructor speaking.
  • My name is Alexa Sharp, and I'm ridiculously excited and scared about teaching this course.
  • Class starts Wednesday, September  5 in SCTR A254 at 9am.  I know it's out of the way, and I certainly know it's early, but get yer tusch over there. 
  • The final is scheduled for Dec. 20, 2-4pm.


Course Materials