CSCI 150
Introduction to Computer Science

My Office Hours: Monday 2:30-4:30, Thursday 10-12, or by appointment. I am around from 9 to 4:30 most days and am available any time I'm not in class or lab.

Syllabus (not that I'll stick to it)

Here is the CS Lab Helper schedule. If you use the labs at these times there should be helpers for the 150 and 151 assignments.

Exam 1 will be Friday March 13.

Here are some Notes and Practice Problems for Exam 1

Here are my solutions to Exam 1

Exam 2 will be Friday Aprl 24.

Here is a list of topics for Exam 2
Here is a list of practice problems for Exam 2

Here are my solutions to Exam 2

The Final Exam will be 9-11 on Thursday, May 14 in King 106.

Here is a list of topic for the final
Here is a list of practice problems for the final.



How to Transfer Files From Your Computer to the Lab Machines
We don't recommend it, but students sometimes want to work on the labs on their personal workstations and transfer the resulting code to the lab machines so they can hand it in. This is a document written by two of our senior majors -- Dan Barella (who is a Wednesday Lab Helper) and Eli Rose.

Late Lab Policy: The labs are due on Tuesday at 6.   Late labs are docked 10 points (out of 50) per day.  However, you may hand in 3 labs up to 3 days late – until Friday at 11:59PM.  If you are doing this,, include in the material you hand in a text file (you can build it in Idle) with name LateLabExtension.txt.  In the body of the file say “This is my 1st late lab.”  (Or  2nd, or 3rd). 

Class Notes and Examples

Python Resources