First Examples

This is a set of initial example programs demonstrating OpenGL and GLUI.

Makefile This makes all of the programs in this set.

simple.c This is the same program as PrimerExamples/Chapter2/simple.c. It opens a magenta square on a yellow background.

simple1.c This is the same as simple.c, only it has the added ability to allow the window to be resized while maintaining the appropriate geometry for the square.

walk.c This shows a square taking a random walk around the screen. Each time it reaches its goal it chooses a new random goal and walks until it gets there. No user controls -- click the close-box at the upper right of the window to exit.

walk1.c This is just like walk.c, only it uses single buffering instead of double buffering. Note the degredation of the animation.

simpleGlui.cpp This uses the GLUI library to create a control panel and a drawing window. A square is drawn in the drawing window. The control panel has a quit-button and a rollout for properties of the square: spinners for the position and radio buttons for the color.

simpleGlui1.cpp This is just like simpleGlui.c, except that the square spins. It is an example of combining idle-functions with user controls.