3D Modeling
CS 357 HW3
due Wednesday, November 12


In this assignment you are to model a 3D ferris wheel. I'm going to leave this pretty open-ended. At a minimum you need to have a wheel (which could be a polygon) that rotates, with chairs hanging from it that remain horizontal while the wheel rotates. A very simple version might look like this:


There are three distinct parts to this assignment: the modeling, the transformations, and the user interface.. For the modeling, make this really three-dimensional. There should actually be two parallel wheels, with the chairs extending from one to the other. The rest of the environment can be as realistic or fanciful as you wish. For the transformations, it is important that the wheel spins and the chairs move with it, yet have their own independent motion (or lack of motion). If you wish, you may use other transformations to move and re-orient the viewer, to allow the user to better appreciate the beauties of your design. Finally, the user interface should have at a minimum a button for starting/stopping the wheel rotation, and a quit button to exit the application. If you choose to allow the user to move around in the environment you will need to provide controls for this as well.

I suggest that you do this by first constructing a simple picture, like the one above, get the transformations working, and then improve the modeling.

This is due on the Wednesday two weeks after the end of Fall Break.