3D Modeling and Transformations
CS 357 HW3
due Friday, April 10


In this assignment you are to model a 3D ferris wheel. I'm going to leave this pretty open-ended. At a minimum you need to have a wheel (which could be a polygon) that rotates, with chairs hanging from it that remain horizontal while the wheel rotates. A very simple version might look like this:


There are three distinct parts to this assignment: the modeling, the transformations, and the user interface.

I suggest that you do this by first constructing a simple model, like the one pictured above, get the transformations working, and then improve the modeling.

Finally, assign materials to the geometry and use one or more light sources to illuminate your ferris wheel. We will talk about maerials and lighting in OpenG soon. There is plenty for you to do before you get to that stage.

Part of the grade for this assignment is based on doing something creative with it. I would like you pend some time making the modeling look especially good, or doing something interesting with the transformations. There is a lot of power in OpenGL; make use of it.

This is due on Friday, April 10, which is two weeks after Spring Break. Your next assignment will be to write a ray tracer, which is very exciting, so you want to get this one done.