Final Project
CS 357 HW5

This is due Thursday,May 14, though you are welcome to hand it in sooner.


Here is a chance to show off what you have learned this term. This is a free-form design exercise. You are to make an OpenGL scene with the following elements:

  1. At least one surfaces created with splines.
  2. At least two surfaces created with polygons.
  3. At least two different textures.
  4. One or more light sources illuminate the scene.
  5. Something in the scene needs to move.
  6. This should not be your ferris wheel slightly doctored.

Within these constraints you can do anything you like. Your picture should be sufficiently realistic for me to identify the objects in it, but the level of detail or abstraction is up to you. You should include any user controls that seem appropriate to you. I prefer to have the different elements fit together into a coherent scene. Two squares and two rounded surfaces floating in space don't make a very coherent scene; a vase and a teapot sitting on a wood-grained table with a picture on the wall do.

I will grade this on its design, as well as on whether you include the required elements. You should include a README file in your handin directory. This file should tell me about the scene you have implemented and any details you want to call to my attention.

This is due as late as it can be -- Thursday, May 14, which is also the scheduled date of our non-existent final exam.

I will not accept your project later than this without a formal incomplete in the course. Any other late homework needs to be handed in by the last day of classes -- Friday May 8.