Cynthia Bagier Taylor

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
Oberlin College

Email: ctaylor AT
Office: King 229
Phone: 440 775-8424
Office Hours: 2pm - 3pm Monday, 3pm - 5 pm Friday, or by appointment


Currently, I am interested in measuring how the internet is being used. Previously, I have done work on focused on distributed system support for remote I/O devices, focusing on both network transparency and flexibility. Generally, I am interested in the internet and distributed systems, how people use them and how to support this use. I think a lot about mobility and latency, and also about security and policy.

I am also involved in research on computer science pedagogy, specifically active learning, focusing on peer instruction, and assessment using concept inventories.

A complete list of my publications is available here.

Slides for various conference presentations I've given are here.

CV is available here.


Spring 2015
CSCI 210: Computer organization
CSCI 341: Operating Systems
(All materials on blackboard.)

Fall 2014
CSCI 150: Introduction to Computer Science

Spring 2014
CSCI 150: Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI 210: Computer Organization (materials on blackboard)

Fall 2013
CSCI 313: Human-Computer Interaction (materials on blackboard)

Spring 2013
CSCI 210: Computer Organization
CSCI 342: Networks

Fall 2012
CSCI 341: Operating Systems