Final Project Requirements

You are responsible for a semester long research project. Work is divided into several stages.


  1. (Week 3) Initial project proposals: A collection of three possible research project ideas.
  2. (Week 4) Revised project proposal: A single project plan containing
    • A clear thesis
    • An outline of the steps to complete the project
    • A rough timeline
    • Any outside resources needed to complete the project
    • Expected outcomes including deliverables, notions of success vs. failure, and a defined ending state
  3. (Week 7) Literature search: You results of surveying the available literature for past work and other relevant material. For pure research projects, this might be incomplete, but should have indications of where to draw additional material.
  4. (Week 10) Initial Draft: A rough draft of final paper. Any incomplete parts should be marked as such (e.g., final testing).
  5. (Week 12) Class presentation: A well-prepared presentation of your results for the class and the department.
  6. (Week 14) Final Draft: Submit a final copy of your research paper.

Topic ideas

The text has a number of great ideas for term papers and projects. You can find them at the end of each chapter in the "Projects" section of questions.


Initial and revised proposals
Literature Search
Intital Draft
Class presentation
Final Draft

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