CSCI 343 - Homework 0

Due before class, Friday, 02 September 2016
or ASAP for late enrollees

Part 1

Read through the homepage and course syllabus. We should have gone over most of this in class on Monday, but I want you to be sure that you've all seen it. Make a note of any questions about this that you have and submit them with part 2 or bring them up in class or at office hours.

Now that you have read the syllabus, you are responsible for the contents therein. This is where assignments will be posted and readings made. I'm not a big fan of BlackBoard, but I will be posting lecture notes, grades, and various other things there. Let me know ASAP if either service becomes unavailable.


For discussions, we will be using Piazza. You should go to to sign up.

Mail filtering

It seems that every semester Google decides some portion of the emails from our grader account ( is marked as spam. You can prevent this by creating a filter rule. Do a search for "", click on the downward triangle at the right of the search box, click on "Create filter with this search" in the bottom right, and check the box for "Never send it to Spam".

Part 2

Complete the following tasks:

  1. Fill out the Student Information Sheet from the first day of class. Come see me in the office if you did not do so in class.
  2. Register your iClicker on Blackboard.
  3. Update your photo in Blackboard if necessary.
  4. Confirm your account on the Piazza forum.
  5. Contribute to the student answer on the Piazza post by adding your name and your favorite CS related work/topic/link.

That's it! See you in class!

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