CSCI 241 - Homework 0

Due by 11:59.59pm Friday, September 01
or ASAP for late enrollees

Part 1

Read through the course syllabus. We should have gone over most of this in class on Monday, but I want you to be sure that you've all seen it. Make a note of any questions about this that you have and submit them with part 2 or bring them up in class or at office hours.

Now that you have read the syllabus, you are responsible for the contents therein. This is where assignments will be posted and readings made. I'm not a big fan of BlackBoard, but I'll try to keep your grades posted there. Let me know ASAP if either service becomes unavailable.


For discussions, we will be using Piazza. Go to and sign up.

Please post questions to this site, as chances are good that if you have a question, someone else in the class does so as well. You can post anonymously to your classmates, if you prefer, though I will be able to see your identity.

Post an introduction to yourself in the other folder Include who you are, why you are taking the class, a picture of yourself, and something interesting that makes you different from other people.


There are lots of you enrolled in the class this semester. We'll be using iClickers to foster class discussion and the like. You need to go to the Blackboard page for this class and register your clicker. Do so, and bring it to class on Friday.


We will also be using Github for some of the assignments. Please create an account on this site using your email if you haven't already done so.

Mail filtering

It seems that every semester Google decides some portion of the emails from our grader account ( is marked as spam. You can prevent this by creating a filter rule. Do a search for "", click on the downward triangle at the right of the search box, click on "Create filter with this search" in the bottom right, and check the box for "Never send it to Spam".

Part 2

For this part, I want you to send me an email to my account. Include the following:

  1. Send this from your preferred email account. I want to try to get my spam filter set up to not reject these. (I'll still send class emails to the email address you have.)
  2. (graded) Be sure to include cs241 (or csci241) in the subject. This will make it stand out in my email, and should help prevent it from being considered spam.
  3. (graded) Your full name (especially for non-@oberlin addresses) and what you prefer to be called in class (nickname and/or personal pronouns). Give hints as to the pronunciation if needed.
  4. (graded) Also, include a picture of yourself that I can use to make a photo roster to help me match faces with names. So something recent, with your face visible, probably cropping out the background (you'd be surprised what I've been sent in the past). If you don't have one, I'd be happy to take one of you. You can even put it up on BlackBoard and then all your instructors can benefit.
  5. (graded) Confirm that you have registered your iClicker
  6. (graded) Include what your github account name is so that I can add it to the class organization on Github.
  7. Briefly tell me about your CS background:
  8. Tell me a little about yourself:
  9. Include the requisite statement of the Honor Code: I have adhered to the Honor Code in this assignment.

That's it! See you in class on Wednesday!

Last Modified: August 25, 2017 - Roberto Hoyle, based on material from Benjamin Kuperman