Honors proposals for 2007-08 due no later than May 1, 2007

March 21st, 2007

What is Senior Honors? In the spring of every year juniors in Computer Science are invited to submit an Honors Proposal. On the basis of these proposals persons are invited to participate in the Honors program. The Honors program at Oberlin is campus-wide in the sense that almost every department and program has some sort of procedure for determining Honors at Graduation.

How to apply for Computer Science Honors.

Students who are interested in participating in the Honors program are requested to submit an Honors Proposal to the Program Director outlining a possible Honors project.

The guideline for minimum overall grade-point average is 3.5 although in very special cases exceptions may be made. Your proposal should be at least a page or two in length and it should be obvious that significant thought has gone into its preparation!

The proposal should include:

  1. Title
  2. Preferred faculty sponsor. It is expected that you will consult with the faculty member to discuss sponsorship. If no faculty sponsor preference is indicated, one may be assigned.
  3. A one paragraph abstract, at the beginning of the proposal, summarizing the problem area and what you hope to accomplish.
  4. A narrative elaborating on the information in the abstract. Give enough information about the problem area so that your goals make sense. You should also discuss methodology (e.g. books or papers you might use, programs you might write, etc.) Even if the methodology you anticipate using is not razorsharp at this time, you should be very clear on your goals. Since goals may change during the course of research, you will not be held to your exact stated goal but you should try to conceptualize your goals and research methods as well as you can to give the faculty a good idea of the kind of thinking you are capable of.
  5. A list of references for your topic. (books, articles)
  6. Resources you will require if something special is involved.
  7. Any additional information that might help us evaluate your candidacy for Honors.

Proposals are due to the Program Chair by Tuesday May 1, 2007

Richard Salter
Chairperson of the Computer Science Program
King 223     x58095

Decisions on whom to accept into the Honors program will be made by the CS faculty within 10 days thereafter.