ACM Programming Contest at Youngstown State

November 14th, 2007

Oberlin Computer Science Department students participated in the ACM Regional Programming Contest at Youngstown State 11/9 and 11/10. Two teams with 3 students each worked together to solve as many of the 8 problems within the 5 hour time period.

Oberlin Oriented Programmers Oberlin Oriented Programmers (Nick Winter, Michael Brooks, and Katie Kuksenok) solved three problems (out of eight) and finished in 22nd place overall (out of 119 teams competing). They placed 5th among the teams participating at the Youngstown site.

FOO Of Oberlin
Foo Of Oberlin (Akshat Singhal, Brandon Greenwood, and Ted Warner) solved two problems and finished in 41st place overall.

CONGRATULATIONS on your fine work! For more information visit the ACM regional site.