DLSim presents at the Ohio 5 conference

August 20th, 2008

Many of you know (or will get to know) DLSim in CS 210, where it has been used for many years as a tool for building and simulating logical circuits. The newest version of DLSim (version 3) has some exciting new features that make it possible to simulate much more complex examples, even an entire CPU!

This past summer, as part of the Oberlin Summer Research Institute (OSRI), Professors Rich Salter and John Donaldson supervised three CS majors who developed novel applications for the new DLSim platform. The participating students were Serguei Egerov, Joe Kramer-Miller, and Akshat Singhal. The titles of their projects are, respectively, Programmable Logic Arrays: A DLSim 3 Implementation; MIPS Calculator: An Integer Calculator Built With DLSim 3; and Cache Simulation using DLSim.

The DLSim 3 summer research group gave a talk at the 2008 Ohio Five Summer Research Symposium held at Ohio Wesleyan University. Their talk was entitled Using DLSim-3: A Scalable, Extensible, Multi-Level Logic Simulator. Their work will again be showcased in September during the OSRI  Celebration of Undergraduate Research poster exhibit. Running versions of their designs will be available on line.

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