2009 Denison Programming Contest

March 2nd, 2009

On February 28, two intrepid teams of students competed in the 20th annual Denison University Programming Contest.  This year there were 16 teams from 9 schools competing in a 4-hour contest.

The O(bees)


The “O(bees)” (Joe Kramer-Miller, Katie Kuksenok, Michael Brooks, and Michael Stevenson) took first place, solving 4 out of the 6 problems in just over 90 minutes.  The coaches were watching the scoreboard as other teams kept creeping closer and closer.  In the last 40 minutes, it looked like one of the Denison teams was going to pass them, but they held onto the lead until the very end.


Foo of Oberlin

Our other team “Foo of Oberlin” consisted of Thomas Ramfjord, Brendan Chambers, Zack Levine, and Jules Wellinghoff.  They also solved 4 problems and took third overall.

Congratulations to all of our students on an excellent job!

If you are interested getting involved in programming contests, get in touch with either Professor Donaldson or Kuperman (the coaches) or check out the Competitive Programming Exco!

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