Welcome to CSCI 150 Lab

Welcome to the lab website for CSCI 150! This course is an introduction to problem solving and algorithmic thinking through computer science. The lab assignments on this website are your opportunity to practice the fundamentals of computer programming, including data types, data structures, control structures, recursion, and object-oriented programming.

Python will be the language of choice for CSCI 150, and all of your programming will be written using replit. Why Python and why replit? Python is a great open-source language that is both easy to read and extremely powerful. All of the concepts that will be covered in Python can be easily extended to new languages in the future. We will write our Python programs in replit—an integrated development environment (IDE) that exists entirely online. replit will allow us to start coding immediately. There is no need to install Python or deal with the headaches associated with different operating systems.

Lab Helper Hours for Spring 2023

2-4 PMOlivia & Izzy (King 201)**
Rory & Nick (King 135/7)
Izzy & Lawrence (King 201)**
Ben & Rory (King 135/7)
4-6 PMEliza & Jenny (King 201)*
Nick & Talia (King 135/7)
Ben & Lawrence (King 201)
Ha & Nick (King 135/7)
7-9 PMOlivia & Emma (King 201)
William & Matthew (King 135/7)
Rohit & Ehsanullah (King 201)*
Ben & Zorah (King 135/7)
Zorah & Olivia (King 201)**
Emma & Ben (King 135/7)
9-11 PMEmma & Ha (King 201)
Rory & Matthew (King 135/7)
Ben & Rohit (King 201)
Toby & Eliza (King 135/7)
Nguyen & William (King 201)
Ehsanullah & Emma (King 135/7)

In addition to your section’s set lab sessions, there are additional times where lab helpers are available in the labs to assist you with any help you might need. The schedule for these additional lab helper times are given in the table above.

Please note that there are special Safe Space hours, indicated in the schedule above with * for students of color and ** for students with marginalized genders, including cis women, trans women, trans men, non-binary people, and those who are otherwise marginalized.

Please also note that there are no lab helper hours on Tuesdays, the day the labs are due. We want to strongly encourage you to get your labs done as early as possible.


Many people contributed to the material in these labs. We extend our deepest thanks to all faculty and student contributors. If you would like to help improve these labs for future CSCI 150 classes, please reach out to your instructor.

Stephen Checkoway, Adam Eck, Molly Q Feldman, Blair Rossetti, Alexa Sharp, Sam Taggart, Cynthia Taylor, Emily Wang, Tom Wexler

Hannah Babe, Tara Bobinac, Meg Davis, William Knowles-Kellett, Mist Newman, Marilyn Recarte, Shiying Zheng