CSCI 150 Tips and Handouts

I will post general tips and handouts on this page. Please check often to make sure you do not miss any important information.

General Tips

Slides from Class

The course slides are posted on Blackboard under "Course Content" -> "Slides".

Code from Class

Jan 30: Feb 1: Feb 3: Feb 6:
  • (demonstrates how the skip parameter in range affects for loops)
  • (body of a for loop vs. code after a for loop)
  • (demonstrates String concatenation)
Feb 8:
  • (uses nested for loops to estimate Euler's constant e)
  • (shows how we can find the square and square root of numbers)
Feb 10: Feb 13: Feb 15: Feb 20:
  • (keeps asking user for inputs with a while loop as part of an ASCII art show)
Feb 22: Feb 24: Mar 1:
  • (demonstrates reading data from file and splitting strings between commas)
  • responses.txt (the comma-separated data for
Mar 10: Mar 15: Mar 17:
  • (compares iterative and recursive solutions to generating the Fibonacci sequence)
  • (Towers of Hanoi problem)
Mar 29:
  • (comparison of Selection, Insertion, Bubble, and Merge Sort)
Apr 3: Apr 7: Apr 12: Apr 14: