Jeff Walker 

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
- Alan Kay

Spring 05: Opal (since Spring 02)
Fall 04: Calendar Reform
Spring 03: Better Scheme (since Winter 01)
Summer 02: Null Object Design Pattern
Spring 02: Automated Makefile Template
CS ExCo: Advanced Topics in Object Oriented Programming
Call/Proposal for a Java Plug-in API
Spring 01: Connections between Language Design and Concept Expression
Fall 00: Symmetric Random Access List (Scheme)
Winter 00: Self-Balancing Binary Search Tree
Fall 99: Frogger Applet
Chinese Ring Puzzle
Programming Language Categories
Code Style Guide
Crypto Challenge Website (for CS 215: Cryptology)
Nth Fibonacci number in O(log n)
The Lisa Legacy
Funny UML Diagram
Tao of Programming
Laws of Computer Programming