CSCI 150 Tips and Handouts

I will post general tips and handouts on this page, as well as code examples from class. Please check often to make sure you do not miss any important information.

Lab Feedback and Grades

You will receive feedback and grades for each lab assignment about one week after it is turned in. To view the feedback and grades for your lab assignments, please go to: and login with your same username and password as the lab machines. You will see more than one email for the first lab -- they are all the same (the duplicates are due to internal testing of the system).

We are currently working on trying to get these emails to automatically go to your usual email address. I will announce when that is working.

General Tips

Slides from Class

The course slides are posted on Blackboard under "Course Content" -> "Slides".

Handouts from Class

Feb 5: Feb 7:

Code from Class

Feb 5 Feb 7 Feb 9
  • (illustrates the different data types and some uses of the modulus operator)
Feb 12 Feb 14 Feb 16 Feb 19 Feb 21 Feb 23
  • (demos a sentinel loop for processing inputs)
  • (demos using a sentinel loop for a menu)
  • (an infinte while loop)
Feb 26
  • (tests whether the order of function definitions matter -- it does not)
  • (demonstrates passing in arguments to a function)
Feb 28
  • (updates to use functions to draw the house picture)
  • (updates to use functions to draw different shapes. Also demonstrates exception handling and a sentinel loop)
  • (a module for working with individual pixels in pictures)
Mar 2 Mar 5
  • (a function demonstrating how we can use a list to calculate the sequence of factorial numbers)
Mar 7
  • (a program demonstrating different functions for reading from files)
Mar 9
  • (counts the number of times an item appears in a list)
  • (demonstrates what happens in a difficult clicker question)
Mar 16
  • (a partial solution to the Game of Life demonstrated in class)
Mar 26
  • (an iterative solution for counting the number of times a given character appears in a given string)
Apr 2
  • (calculates the time spent on iterative and recursive solutions to calculating the Fibonacci sequence)
Apr 11
  • (compares the time spent on different sorting algorithms)
Apr 18 Apr 20 Apr 23