Course Information

Class: MWF 9:00-9:50 Classroom: Science Center N292
Instructor: Adam Eck Email: adam.eck [AT]
Office: King 223D Office Hours: M 1:30-3:00 PM (King 223D)
R 10:30-11:30 AM (King 135)
F 3:30-4:30 PM (The Local)
Lab Instructors: Adam Eck and Sam Taggart Lab Rooms: King 201 and 135
Lab (Section 1): W 2:30-4:20 PM Lab Helpers: Minh Chi Lam and Kendra Lockard
Lab (Section 2): R 1:00-2:50 PM Lab Helpers: Matt Banda and Sam Barr

Lab Helper Hours

Time Saturday Sunday Monday Wednesday Thursday
2-4 PM [Clarissa]**
Lukas Gn.
4-6 PM [Jude]*
Lukas Gr.
7-9 PM David [Leah]**
9-11 PM Jude

In addition to the set lab sessions (Wednesday 2:30-4:20 PM and Thursday 1:00-2:50 PM), there are additional times where lab helpers are available in the labs to assist you with any help you might need. The schedule for these additional lab helper times are given in the table above.

In general, lab helpers will be available in King 201. There are also special Safe Space hours that are always held in King 135, indicated in the schedule above with * for students of color (Saturday 4-6 PM and Thursday 7-9 PM) and ** for women and transgender students (Saturday 2-4 PM and Wednesday 7-9 PM).

Please note that there are no lab helper hours on Tuesdays, the day the labs are due. We want to strongly encourage you to get your labs done as early as possible. If you need help outside of lab helper hours, you might find the department's problem solving tips to be useful.