This is Your Lab.

You have a right to use this space,
and have a responsibility to maintain it.

Keep your lab clean.
Put away books,
Throw away trash,
Clean up any spills.

If you use the microwave or refrigerator,
see to their cleaning.

Be comfortable.
Bring your books, your music, your lunch,
and be mindful of their presence.

Your account is your responsibility.
When you leave the lab,
lock your session or log out.

If you let a guest use the lab,
take responsibility for them.

You have 24-hour access to the lab.
Please don't let anyone without a lab pass
into the building after it's locked.

This is Our Lab.

We are all entitled to a focused,
usable, comfortable work environment.

This lab is a place to work.
When people are working in the lab,
allow them the space and quiet they desire.

If someone is being loud or distracting,
feel free to ask them to quiet down.

This lab is a place to learn.
When a class is using the lab,
give them priority on the computers.

Don't hesitate to ask anyone in the lab
about the lab, its machines, or computer science.

We are a community.
Let all feel welcome here.
Respect your fellow lab rats,
enjoy the company of your friends.

The lab machines are for everyone's use.
Be aware that users may be logged in to the machines remotely. Don't restart the machines unless you need to.

King 135:
The Social Lab.

Have fun.
Talk to your friends.
Argue math at the whiteboard.
Ask questions of strangers.
Play games, listen to music.

This is still a work space.
Please ask others in the lab
before beginning an activity
that you anticipate as distracting or loud.

If someone is doing work
and requires quiet,
respect their wishes.

Games are the lowest priority.
If you are playing a game
and someone needs your machine
to work, offer the computer to them.

King 201:
The Quiet Lab.

Yours is the silence.
If someone in the lab
is being loud or distracting,
feel free to ask them to quiet down.

Respect the quiet.
If you need or want sound
from your computer,
please use headphones.

Please don't play network games
in the Quiet Lab.