Annual CS T-Shirt Designs

In the spring of each year since time untold, the students of the OCCS community annually vote on a design for a departmental T-shirt. The designs accepted and printed are available below for the world to see the creative genius featured therein.

Did You Know?

Some of the t-shirt designs below are still left in the CS office, and could be bought if you like them.


Front and back. By ???.


Front only. By Tumas Ra─Źkaitis.


Front only. By ???.

2018: Fantastic Power Pellets and Where to Find Them

Front only. By Helen He.

2017: CS T-shirt and the Deathly Print Statement

Front only. By Hanna Diggins.

2016: CS T-shirt and the Half-Circuit Prince

Front only. By Andres Cuervo.

2015: CS T-shirt and the Order of the Hedgehog

Front only. By Shiying Zheng.

2014: CS T-shirt and the Goblet of ASCII

Front and Back. By ???.

2013: CS T-shirt and the Prisoner of Jurassic Park

Front only. By Tom Wexler.

2012: CS T-shirt and the Chamber of Recursion

Front only. By ???.

2010: You know you're a CS major if...

Front and Back. By ???.

2008: Breaking Boundaries

Front and Back. By Nick Ferrara.

2007: Very Accepting

Front only. By Ivan Davydov.

2006: Circuit Diagram

Front and Back. By Nick Ferrara.

2005: Tree Hugger

Front and Back. By Lisa Curtis.

2004: Difference Engine

Front and Back. By David Adamson.

2003: The 5 Stages of Debugging

Front and Back. By Erik Talvitie.

2002: Dream Brace

Front and Back. By David Adamson.

2001: Shit Happens

Front and Back. By Erik Talvitie.

2000: Rhys's Pieces

Front and Back. By Gabe Carleton-Barnes.